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Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL

Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL Replica Watch With Left Crown

When we talk about Rolex watches, we don’t think of Tudor. But when we talk about Tudor, we must say Rolex. Tudor and Rolex are very close. We can see Rolex’s shadow on Tudor watches. The most popular Tudor brand is Black Bay models, but this article is about another Tudor replica watch that draws inspiration from history.

Pay Tribute

Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL

Tudor released the Pelagos collection in 2012. The original Pelagos only offered black and ETA movements. The blue dial appeared later. Then, very unique watches appeared in the Pelagos collection. That’s “Left Hand Driv”, or LHD for short. Pelagos LHD is actually a tribute to the past. This collection is a tribute to Tudor’s first left handed watch 9401 made for the French Navy in 1961.

Crown On The Left

Replica Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL was born in 2016. This is a very good watch. It combines the design of Pelagos to present this Tudor replica watch in a new perspective. The LHD M25610TNL has a 42MM titanium case. Because it was designed for divers and left-handers, LHD moved the crown from the three o’clock position to the nine o’clock position. Then, the helium escape valve is located at three o’clock. Of course, this replica watch can also be worn on the left wrist.


Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL

The change of crown position is one of the changes of Pelagos LHD, and the dial of this Tudor replica watch also has some changes. To pay tribute to the old version, the replica Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL dial is equipped with red “PELAGOS”. The remaining details have not changed. It maintains the most characteristic snowflake hour hand. Beige hour markers and hands give the watch a retro look. The dial of this dive watch is still legible.


Pelagos LHD uses the same movement as Pelagos, MT5612. But Pelagos LHD is a left watch, so the MT5612 movement inside this replica Tudor watch has rotated 180 degrees. MT5612, like Rolex’s movement, has COSC certification. MT5612 has a power reserve of 70 hours. Replica Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL as a diving watch, it has a waterproof depth of 500M.

This replica Tudor watch is a simple but cool watch. And it’s very light and very comfortable to wear on the wrist. If you can’t afford Rolex Submariner, Tudor Pelagos LHD is also a very good choice.